WIPpet Wednesday!

Good afternoon! Thanks to everyone for all the support last week. I needed it. This week has settled down and I’m not working as much overtime, thank God. My parents will be back from California tonight, so I get to stop taking care of all their stuff now, which is another huge load off and now I might actually get some writing done. Whew. Just in time for NaNo.

So, since I got such great feedback on the scene with Abalam and Lux last week, I decided to give you another peek into the two of them this week. Next week I think I’ll bounce back to Amaya and Deacon so we can see what they’re up to, but this week is another little bit of what poor Lux is going through. I’m starting to run out of things I can show you that aren’t too spoiler-y, so this may be the last longer excerpt you get for a while, but we’ll see. I might come up with something. I’m also making a conscious decision to give you the LAST bit of writing I’ve done in an attempt to get myself moving again, so we’ll see if that works.

Without further ado, your torture. You get 12 lines. 22 for the day – 10 for the month = 12

Lux spat blood and jerked as the scalpel dug deeply into her flesh. Blood ran down her arm and dripped off her fingertips, the sound of the droplets on the concrete floor echoing loudly through the room. She gritted her teeth and concentrated on not screaming as Abalam methodically severed her skin from her body. 

“You’re a tough little witch, I’ll give you that.” Abalam tossed the strip of skin onto a tray with a wet plop and leaned back, picking up a towel to wipe the blood from his hands. “We’ve been at this for a couple days now. I’m sure you’re quite tired. I’m getting fatigued myself.” 

Lux took a deep breath, the air catching in her chest as she tried to expel. She coughed, gagged, nearly puked and heaved before managing to speak. “Poor baby. Do you need a nap?” 

 Abalam studied her closely, clucking his tongue. “You’re so defiant. Even now, after all this, I can see that look in your eye. If you could just get to me. If I’d just give you your powers back. If only it was a fair fight. Sorry, sweetheart, I’m a Devil. I don’t fight fair.” He leaned forward and released the straps holding her to the chair. “Let me be clear. This is just the first chapter. We’ve still got a whole book to write and I can make you scream and writhe from pain in ways you’ve never even imagined. The next bout when I come back is going to be with the drill. You’re going to find out precisely how easily those bones break when I apply pinpoint pressure with a drill bit.”


Ooh. Lux is in quite the pickle. Let’s hope she has a plan! Well, she has a plan, but whether or not it works remains to be seen.

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WIPpet Update

I woke up this morning thinking it was Saturday, which I am sure, is wishful thinking on my part. I worked 50 hours last week, will have 55 at least this week, and I’ll put in 12 just today. I’m exhausted. So my brain decided today was the start of the weekend. Don’t I wish! But alas, it is just Wednesday, which means I have to select a WIPpet to post from the novel I haven’t written in, in like a week, save for a few hundred words I managed yesterday. My goal was to finish Nephil’s Destiny by the end of October to start a new project for NaNo, but now I don’t know if that’s going to happen, so I’m just tired and disappointed all the way around. Add to that I’m house and dog sitting for my parents for a MONTH, nursing a puppy with pneumonia back to health and dealing with my Aunt in hospice for end stage lung cancer that has moved to her brain and I’m just done. Totally done. But alas, I have selected a WIPpet. Mind you, it is one to reflect my mood, so beware, choppy seas ahead. You get 10 paragraphs for the 10th month. Simple math today. Once you’re done, go here and read all the other wonderful, hopefully not as dark, contributions to today’s WIPpet.

Abalam leaned back in his chair and considered the situation at hand. “It’s up to you what happens next, but I do need your decision.” 

Knowing she was out of time, Lux took a deep breath and offered a bright smile. “I’m going to have to decline.” 

Abalam stood. “Good. I was hoping you’d say that.” He cracked his knuckles and rolled his shoulders. “I’m pretty anxious to get started, so I think we’ll jump right in.” He snapped his fingers to gather her hair back into a ponytail, keeping it off her face. “This is going to be extremely unpleasant for you.” He picked up a pair of shears and cut her shirt off her body and slashed her jeans off at the knee before removing her shoes and socks. “Remember, I ask questions and you answer them. You must tell me the truth, and you must answer the question asked. If you fail to do so, you’ll be punished. The longer you go without giving me the information I desire, the more unpleasant this becomes. Do you understand?” 


“See? You know how it works! Have you done this before?” Abalam looked at his trays of tools admiringly. “Have you ever been tortured before, Lux? I won’t continue to ask twice. When I ask a question, I expect an answer.” 


Pouting, he lovingly ran his fingers over the instruments. “What spell did you use to unlock time and send Amaya and Deacon through to Atlantis?” When she looked surprised, he smiled. “Oh, yes, we know about that. Unfortunately, Lucifer and Lilith arrived after you had cast it and were unable to document the spell you used. We’d like you to tell it to us so our witches can cast it and we can go after your friends.” 

“I don’t remember.” 

Abalam’s smile got wider. “I was so hoping you’d give me a reason to do something nasty to you.” He flicked his hand and hummed as classical music began playing in the room. “I like music while I work.” He perused the selection of tools before picking up a clamp in one hand and a scalpel in the other.  

He stood and walked to the side of the chair, leaning over until his face was mere inches from her neck. Lux felt warm breath on her cheek and trembled, her whole body shaking in the cold air. Abalam’s tongue darted out and brushed over her earlobe, tasting her skin and sucking the flesh into his mouth.  

“There are many erogenous zones on the human body. Earlobes are one of the most overlooked. A scrape of teeth or a flick of a tongue can bring sexual arousal.” He brought the clamp up and pressed the cold metal to her skin. “The opposite side of that coin is pain. The more nerves that are in an area, the greater the amount of pain I can bring you with very little effort.” He clamped the tool down on her ear and pulled the flesh taut. “Feel how much that hurts with just a little pinch?”


WordPress has been down all day! I’ve been trying to post this for hours, and it’s just now, at 2:45 p.m. my time, decided to allow me to give you the WIPpet for this week.

Thanks to everyone for helping me celebrate my release last week. I’m really glad you all liked the excerpt so much. Hopefully some of you will like the books too.

So, to get this out there before wordpress decides it doesn’t like me anymore, on to the WIPpet. There are 4 paragraphs, so WIPpet math. 10-08-14. 10+8=18-14=4. Ha. There.

Looking uncomfortable, Deacon drained his cup in one gulp. “If we’re going to talk about sex, I need another drink.” 

Obligingly, Braxton poured one. “I don’t want to talk about sex. It’s not right to discuss something about Amaya when she’s not here and it’s awkward for both of us. My daughter is an adult, she’s capable of making her own decisions and she’s a wonderful, smart, beautiful, strong woman. I’m not going to ask uncomfortable questions and ask you to give me painful answers. Alaria and Amaya would both knock me loopy if they knew I was talking to you at all.” He looked pained. “It’s not that I think they’re any less capable than I am. I don’t. But sometimes, a dad just wants to poke his nose where it doesn’t belong, flex his muscles and make the young man involved with his daughter uncomfortable. Is that so wrong?” 

Recognizing that there was only one answer to that question, Deacon shook his head. “Not at all. I’d do it myself if I had a daughter.” Thinking about it, he was rather positive he would. Feeling better about the situation, he sipped from the second drink and relaxed slightly. 

Braxton looked at the bottle, then back at Deacon appraisingly. “I do believe it is my God-given responsibility to get completely shit faced after the level of discomfort I have put us both through tonight. Care to join me?”

Once you’re done with my WIPpet, go here to read all the other wonderful contributions for the week. I know you won’t be disappointed.

A.M Liebowitz Takeover

Hey everyone! I am super excited to be hosting a takeover by A.M Liebowitz today. Amy is one of my close friends, my beta-reader, and all around go-to girl for all things writing. She’s got an amazing book coming out on November 1st called Lower Education, so I encourage everyone to pre-order your copy now! Today, Amy is joining us with her thoughts on writing lgbtq fiction, so I’ll let her take it from here.

As a side note: I’m talking about faith and fiction on here blog today, so click the link at the bottom of the page and head on over there to read it!

Why LGBTQ Fiction?

I’m so excited to be guest posting for Sirena. I admit to being a bit of a fangirl after beta reading her work for so long. She’s asked me to write a bit about lgbtq fiction. It’s a pretty broad topic, so I’ll stick with why I write it and why I think it’s important.

When I started out, I never intended to write “lgbtq fiction.” I just wanted to write good stories, preferably with a little (or a lot!) of love involved. It was a happy accident that a romantic subplot developed between two men in my novel. As it turns out, I love writing men in love.

For a variety of reasons, lots of other women like writing m/m erotica and gay romance. I can only speak to my reasons. For me, it’s a way to explore and experience a side of myself that generally doesn’t see the light of day. I love being able to see things from a guy’s-eye view.

Beyond that, I simply like seeing lgbtq people in stories. Sure, sometimes I like to write about things specific to our (broad) community. Mostly, though, I like that we can have the spotlight and solve the mystery, save the day, and find our happy-ever-after (or happy-for-now).

While I agree with others who have written on the subject that we definitely need more lgbtq lit that doesn’t focus on sex, romance, or young adult coming out, I think when well-written, those are important too. I would love if all genres featuring lgbtq characters were more visible and more widely read.

Ironically, I’m possibly in the minority when I say I’d like to see the various lgbtq tags hang around in places like Amazon—provided the appropriate literary genre tags are present too. Lgbtq is NOT a genre. Romance, western, crime drama, fantasy, dystopian…those are genres. What the lgbtq tags tell us is that the genre book features characters from our community. We need that so we can choose to read books that reflect who we are!

If you want to write lgbtq fiction (and don’t claim an identity under that umbrella), the best advice I can give is to go for it and find someone you trust to help you iron it out so you’re not writing horrible stereotypes or clichés. Personally, I think it would be great to see more lgbtq main characters. That’s one step closer to living in a world where our identities are important but they don’t define us. We can be heroes, royalty, badasses, lovers, friends, parents, renegades…regardless of our sexuality or gender.

Author bio: A. M. Leibowitz is a spouse, parent, feminist, and book-lover falling somewhere on the Geek-Nerd Spectrum. She keeps warm through the long, cold western New York winters by writing romantic plot twists and happy-for-now endings. In between noveling and editing, she blogs coffee-fueled, quirky commentary on faith, culture, writing, and her family. You can find her at:

Web site: http://amleibowitz.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amymitchell29 (personal profile); https://www.facebook.com/UnchainedFaith (author page)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/amyunchained (@amyunchained)

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Lower-Education-M-Leibowitz-ebook/dp/B00NCA48TE/

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/473664

Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/lower-education-a-m-leibowitz/1120325979?ean=2940046149760

Release Day and WIPpet Wednesday!

Well. Hello, October! Do you all know what this means?! That’s right! It’s my RELEASE DAY! The re-release of Devil’s Dilemma and the first release of Devil’s Despair are out TODAY! I don’t even care if this is a shameless plug, I am so excited, I’m putting the links to the Amazon pages here so you can all see them. For my fellow WIPpeteers, though, if you want to read the books, I’m happy to gift you an e-book in exchange for a review. I’m not trying to coerce you into buying the books, so please don’t take the links that way.



Now that I’ve done my happy dance, let’s get to the WIPpet. The books releasing are the first two in the series and my current WIP is the 7th and presumably last. Unfortunately, I’m running out of stuff I can give you without getting too spoiler-y, so in honor of my release today, I’m going to give you a peek back at Devil’s Dilemma and where it all began. I’ll have you back into Nephil’s Destruction next week, but because it’s my release day, I want to go back to the beginning and one of my favorite scenes from the very first book. Since it’s the 10th month, you get 10 paragraphs.

Griffin spent most mornings looking out the window, searching the woods for any sign of life. A bird, a snake, anything that would tell her that her instincts were wrong. Every morning, there was nothing. So after a while, she would resign herself to yet another day of being afraid, and go downstairs to eat. At least she was keeping food down since Gabriel had given her a reprieve from the wasting away. She’d managed to put on a few pounds, filling out her gaunt frame slightly.  

It was snowing. Big flakes falling from the sky, piling on top of one another, coating the ground and the road and covering the cars. The snow was coming down so thickly now that it was almost impossible to see.  

Griffin had always loved the snow and could vaguely remember sitting on her grandmother’s lap, watching the flakes drift down, amped with excitement that she would get to go outside with her grandfather and play in it as soon as he got home. Even throughout her time in foster care, she’d always loved the first snowfall. 

Mind made up, she left the window and crossed the room, her clothes hitting the floor. She pulled on jeans instead of her sweat pants and donned a thick grey sweater and wool socks. She hopped on one foot to tug on her boot before switching and yanking on the other. Rifling through her closet, she realized she didn’t have a coat, then saw Braxton’s hanging up by the door. Feeling more relaxed than she had in months, she grabbed the coat and dashed down the stairs, swinging around to hurry through the kitchen and out the back door. 

The cold air was fresh and crisp on her face, and she curled her toes inside her boots, enjoying the feel. She tipped her head back and let the snowflakes settle on her skin, melting from her body heat. After a moment of enjoying the snow, she spread her arms out and fell backward.  

The impact jarred her, but the snow cushioned the fall. Feeling like a child, she moved her arms and legs, reveling in the simple joy of making a snow angel. When she’d sufficiently cleared the snow around her, she simply lay there, staring up at the dreary gray sky, watching the snow drift down. She let the tears take her. 


“How long has she been out there?” 

Alaria looked over her shoulder at Braxton. “Only about fifteen minutes. I’ve been keeping an eye on her.” 

“She’s making snow angels.” 

“Brilliant deduction, Sherlock.” Alaria laughed. “There’s no harm in her playing in the snow for a while. This might be her last chance to do it.”

A.M Liebowitz Cover Reveal

Today I am doing a special cover reveal for one of my very close writing friends. A.M Liebowitz is not only a FANTASTIC author, she is one of my most awesomest beta readers and one of my great friends. Today is the cover reveal of her book, Lower Education, that is being released on November 1st, 2014 and is already available for pre-order. Enjoy!

Lower Education

By A. M. Leibowitz

Publisher: Supposed Crimes, LLC

Publication date: November 1, 2014


Phin Patterson is an educational consultant dissatisfied with his job and his life. On a mission to complete one last assignment before escaping his unfulfilling career and figure out what he wants, he accepts a commission from Donald Murdock at the New York State Education Department. Suddenly, he finds himself on his way to evaluate a tiny school in New York’s Southern Tier, not far from the town where he grew up. Now his only goal is to get in, do his job, and get out before anyone from his past remembers him.

That turns out to be easier said than done. Dani Sloane, the sharp-witted administrative assistant to the principal, learns the truth about why Phin is really there. With the help of her friends, she sets out to unmask him and force the local board of education to stop the plans that could ruin their school. Discovering that her sometime-lover is an old business associate of Phin’s only complicates both the situation and their relationship.

Meanwhile, Phin, who has committed himself to keeping his emotional distance, can’t resist the charm of the town and its residents—especially the school psychologist, who turns out to be an old friend he hasn’t seen in over twenty years. While Dani works to take him down and save her school, Phin wrestles with learning how to do the right thing, including telling the truth to the man with whom he’s already falling in love.





He pulled out his phone and glanced at it. “Listen, I need to go. Dani, what time do you want me to come over to help Jake draw his display board?”


“Is nine okay? We need to be at the school by eleven to set up, and the fair starts at noon.”


“Sure thing.” He grinned at the group. “Good night, ladies. Alex.” Once again, his face colored just a little when his eyes flicked to Alex. With that, he was off.


Dani watched him go, shaking her head. “Pied piper,” she muttered.


“What?” Eunice asked.


“You know—the pied piper. He got everyone to follow after him, thinking he was solving the town’s rat problem, only then he stole the children.” She laughed. “I’m just being paranoid. Where are the kids? We should get going—long day tomorrow.”


Purchase Links:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Lower-Education-M-Leibowitz-ebook/dp/B00NCA48TE/

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/473664

Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/lower-education-a-m-leibowitz/1120325979?ean=2940046149760

Author bio:

  1. M. Leibowitz is a spouse, parent, feminist, and book-lover falling somewhere on the Geek-Nerd Spectrum. She keeps warm through the long, cold western New York winters by writing romantic plot twists and happy-for-now endings. In between noveling and editing, she blogs coffee-fueled, quirky commentary on faith, culture, writing, and her family.

Find me on the Internet:

Web site: http://amleibowitz.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amymitchell29 (personal profile); https://www.facebook.com/UnchainedFaith (author page)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/amyunchained (@amyunchained)

Happy Wednesday!

Today has been a beast! I had to go to CPR/First Aid training this morning and then to a probation meeting for my job, and then I’ve had appointments all afternoon and I just now had a chance to sit down and do this. For those of you wondering, I’m a social worker and a lot of my clients are on probation, so I meet with them monthly to give updates. I’m not on probation. I see now how that may have looked.

Anyway, with no further ado, here is your WIPpet. Math afterward when I figure out exactly what I need to do to make it work. For context, Amaya has given the monks at Saint Catherine’s their miracle and they are taking her and Deacon to show them how to go into the Garden of Eden. This is the first snippet of that.

Amaya let the monks grip her by the arms and take her deeper into the water. They scooped up the red liquid and poured it over her head, murmuring prayers in a language she thought she recognized as Aramaic. She felt a gentle pressure against her knees and relaxed, allowing herself to float as the monks chanted and prayed. 

In one smooth motion, one of the men clamped a hand over her nose and mouth and she was plunged beneath the water, red engulfing her. Coughing and sputtering, she found the bottom of the river with her feet and stood, her head breaking the surface as she spit out water. 

“What the hell, guys? You couldn’t warn me?” 

The rest of her outburst slid back down her throat as she realized she was alone. Instead of standing in a skinny strip of water in the desert, she was in a lush lagoon surrounded by thick greenery and brightly colored flowers. Above her, the branches moved with birds and monkeys and in front of her was a thick carpet of dark green moss dotted with tiny white and pink flowers.  

“Holy hell, I did it.” Amaya hiked her pack higher on her shoulders and trekked out of the water, turning in a slow circle to take in her surroundings.  

She had barely reached the bank before there was a large splash and Deacon was breaking the surface, scraping his hair out of his eyes and blinking rapidly as he tried to get his bearings. Relaxing when he saw Amaya, he walked from the water and dropped to the moss next to her, untying his wet boots to remove them. 

“Seeing you disappear was fucking creepy.” He looked around the jungle. “Any sign of things that can eat us?” 

Amaya laughed and laid her socks next to herself to dry. “Not that I’ve seen yet, but I’ve only been here thirty seconds longer than you.” She wiggled out of her wet camp shirt and laid it down. “We need to lay out all the wet stuff and let it dry or we risk mold on everything in our bags and developing blisters on our feet from walking in wet boots.” 

Deacon nodded and began unpacking his bag. “Then it looks like here is home for the day then. By the time everything dries, it’ll be nearly dark if time is the same here as it is there.” 

“No reason to think it isn’t.” She stood to peel off her pants. “It’ll only take an hour or two for our clothes to dry. The shoes will take a lot longer than that. We could venture a little ways barefoot, maybe find some fruit or something to eat.” 

Deacon glared at her. “We’re in the fucking Garden of Eden. You’re not eating any fruit off any tree, Amaya Winslow. There’s no telling what bad things could happen if you picked the wrong one.” 

There you have it. 24 lines for the 24th. For those of you just joining me, a WIPpet is a weekly snippet of a Work In Progress. Once you’re done reading mine go here and read all the other lovely contributions. Don’t forget to tell my fellow authors what you think of their work! We all thrive on feedback!


I’m on time this week! Yay! For some housecleaning bits, I am still looking for reviewers for both Devil’s Dilemma and Devil’s Despair. I got two offers, and I’ll be contacting you this week about what format you want the e-book in. If you’re interested, please let me know and I’ll get you an e-book out.

For today’s WIPpet, I’m going to frame it a bit since I don’t post continuous excerpts like some of the rest of you(I’m evil like that). Amaya has been hurt in a fight and they’ve arrived at Saint Catherine’s, though she is in less than good shape. Contextually, this is actually set before last week’s WIPpet, but, well, I haven’t actually gotten that far since last week and I don’t have much to give you, so I’m forced to look back in the book for something. This is a funny little scene I think you’ll all like. Math is simple today. 17 lines for the 17th.

Amaya dropped her spoon into her bowl, waiting until Harry disappeared before she spoke. “We need to be moving as soon as possible. I don’t give a flying fuck about their rituals. They need to tell us where the damn door is now.” 

Deacon nodded slowly. “I thought we’d be leaving as soon as we got here, too. Do you have a plan?” He lifted his eyebrows. “And was the reasonable Amaya you just showed Harry all for show? All the talk about letting the monks do their prayers and rituals and letting yourself heal?” 

“I’m fine. I can walk. We can leave today if they’ll spill the beans?” 

“Really? You feel up to it?” 

She nodded. “Definitely. Absolutely. Without a doubt.” 

Deacon sighed. “I was hoping you wouldn’t make me do this.” He reached out and jabbed his index finger into her incision. 

Tears sprang into Amaya’s eyes and she bit down onto her tongue, trying desperately not to scream. She pressed her palm to her thigh and rocked back and forth, mumbling under her breath. For a moment, her power surged out of control and a blast rocketed out from her, shattering all the light-bulbs in the cafeteria.  

“What the fuck, Deacon?” She glared at him, her eyes flashing with fury. 

He looked at her calmly and picked up her bowl of oatmeal, moving it onto his own tray. “I was proving a point. You’re not ready. You won’t be ready for a while. We need to take the time for you to heal before we do whatever it is we need to do. There’s no harm in taking the time. It’s not like we’re on a timeline.” 

She waved her arm. “What do you expect us to do here do a week? Or more! Nap? Tan?”

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Oops I Did It Again…

So another Thursday and another morning of waking up in a blind panic that I forgot my WIPpet for this week. Lucking, our wonderful host obviously anticipates these problems and leaves submissions open into Thursday so I can still get it in. In my defense, yesterday was filled with excitement for me since I got MY NEW CAR!!! Yay! Well, new to me anyway. It replaces my 13 year old heap of junk with 220k miles on it, so I’m a happy girl.

Thank you to those of you who offered to review my novels last week. I will be taking you up on it. Please send me your email address to sirenarobinson@rocketmail.com or leave it in the comments so I can get you your e-arc. Also let me know if you want to do one book or both. If anyone else wants to but didn’t let me know last week, just hop on board this week. I’m not looking for only good reviews, but HONEST ones, and you’ll get free e-copies of the books in exchange for the review. As a reminder, the snippets you’re reading are from Book Seven in the series and the ones coming out at One and Two, so it’s the same type of content. If you like this, you’ll like the books.

Now, onto my WIPpet. This is from Book Seven, as the rest have been, but I would really like some feedback on this section. My novels have always had some religious undertones with the use of Angels and Devils, but I’ve actively avoided using God in the book up til now. In this scene, the addition of a God-figure as a “character” felt right and like it pushes the story forward, but I’m nervous about it, so let me know if this reads like a real reaction and if the scene plays out right. It’s not supposed to be a “religious” novel. Far from it, so I don’t want to go too far down this rabbit hole. Anyway, let me know.

Amaya looked over her shoulder at the gathering of monks, then back up at the mountain. Muttering under her breath, she dropped to her knees and faced the pile of rocks.  

“So, I’m supposed to talk to you and get you to send some sort of a sign so these old men over there will take me to the Garden of Eden.” She looked from side to side, uncomfortable with the whole situation. “I don’t really believe in praying. I think you’re pretty much a jerk. I’ve read the Bible, ya know? Well, parts of it anyway.” She cleared her throat and rubbed her hands over her thighs. “I read all these stories about how awesome you are and how much you love people and cared for them and now you’ve just left us all down here to die.” 

Amaya tipped her head back and stared back at the velvety sky, taking in the twinkling stars. A breeze stirred the air and blew through her hair, gently moving it away from her face. Behind her, the monks stirred excitedly, apparently convinced that their miracle was imminent. Less certain, Amaya continued to speak, her voice soft. 

“We’re really trying. Any idiot could see that. We’re dying for this. I almost died for this. Every time, we charge out into battle without a thought for ourselves, trying to save this damn world because it’s the right thing to do.” She scowled up at the sky. “I don’t know how much more you want from us. You ask us to fight so we fight. You ask us to die, so we die. You require women to carry Nephilim and they do. I know Lucifer keeps cheating, and I know there are some morons who follow him like lemmings, but there are plenty of us who move to block everything he does. This world is more good than bad, and it’s not right of you to just sit up there and watch us all die for you and ignore the pain and suffering we’re in just because you’re pissed off. That’s just not right. So pull your head out of your ass and give these silly old men some kind of miracle that will convince them this is what you want so that I can go get the Rod and the Spear and kill Lucifer once and for all. You’re supposed to be a loving God, a merciful God, a caring God. One who cries and feels pain when we do. Prove it. Help me out here, dude. Give me something.” 

Frustrated, Amaya waited thirty seconds with no response. Climbing to her feet, she cast a look back to Deacon, about to call for Michael or Griffin when the sky split open and a streak of red lightning surged into the ground. 

Dirt and sand flew up, erupting into flame and forming a column of fire. The monks jumped and held onto each other, watching with excitement and fear. The fire swooped down, spreading out until it came within a hairsbreadth of Amaya’s feet.  

Slowly, it rose off the ground, forming the outline of a human. One of the arms reached out until the hand was pressing against Amaya’s forehead. Though she could see the fire burning, there was no pain when it touched her. After a moment of silence, a voice filled the air, seeming to come from nowhere and everywhere, all at once.  

“Fear not, child, for I am with you. The Hand of the Lord is upon you and your mission is Blessed. Blessed are those that help you, and cursed are those who oppose you. Heavy has been your load, Amaya, and heavier will it be still. Doubt not that your pain is felt, and that it is grieved. You have felt pain, and you will feel more yet. Fear has come, and will be faced again. Cast it aside for I am beside you.” The figure brought the other hands up and pressed one to either side of her head. “You will walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death and emerge victorious. You shall eat of Heaven’s manna and drink from the Cup of Christ and be purified by the blood. You will be cleansed through fire and washed in baptism, and you will crucify Lucifer. I am your Heavenly Father. Go forth and do as I command. Feel my presence with you and know that you are loved and you are blessed.” 

In less time than it took Amaya to blink, the fire was gone and the night was silent. She looked over her shoulder and saw the monks on their knees with their heads pressed to the ground and their arms stretched out in front of them, whispered prayers barely audible. She turned to Deacon and Harry, her eyes wide. 

Deacon rushed to her, taking her elbow with one hand. “That was one hell of a trick. How did you do that?” 

Amaya looked up at him as Harry came up on her other side. The Warrior clapped her on the shoulder, grinning widely. “Damn, girl. That was better than an Angel. They’ll be talking about that for a thousand years!” 

She shook her head, trying to reconcile what she was hearing with what she had experienced. “Deacon.” Her voice was shaky. 

Deacon looked down at her, concerned at her tone. “What is it? Did you drain yourself?” 

“I didn’t do that. I thought it was you.” 

Both men stopped walking. Deacon turned slowly until he was fully facing her. “I didn’t do anything. Are you telling me that you didn’t do what we all saw?” 

Amaya shook her head, her ears ringing. “I didn’t do that.” She felt tears prickle her eyelids. “Deacon, my God! That was God!” 

Harry expelled a low whistle. “Holy shit. He does exist.” 

Deacon gaped at her, his heart pounding in her chest. “What does it mean?” 

Tears were running freely down her cheeks as a wave of emotion swept through her. “It means we’re going to be okay. He hasn’t give up on us. He believes we can win.” Laughing and crying at the same time, Amaya spun in a circle, her arms spread out to her sides. “It means we saw a miracle.” 

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Lucifer stood at the top of the cliff, the wind blowing through his hair and his hands on his hips. Behind him, bodies were scattered on the ground and demons lit them on fire. The smell of roasting flesh filled the air, wafting to his nose on the brisk breeze. Inhaling it, he held the scent of death within his chest and savored it, his mouth watering. 

Lilith approached him, her hands resting on the mound of her bulging stomach and Serafina next to her. He glanced back at them and swallowed a smile at the sight of his family. Each time he looked at the child it seemed she was taller. Every glance to Lilith and her stomach was more swollen with pregnancy, her skin glowing slightly brighter as she reveled in what was happening within her body. 

“It was a good victory here today.” Lilith surveyed the burning bodies. “Many Nephilim died.” 

“As did many Cambion. We lost a hundred demons on top of it. The victory came at a steep price.” He smiled as his daughter hugged him. “There’s Daddy’s princess. Do you like what you see, my darkling?” 

Serafina grinned up at him, her teeth bared. “I love it, Papa. Can I go play with the bodies?” She bounced up and down, rocking from side to side to swirl her skirt so it flared away from her legs. “I want to cut them open and play with the insides.” 

Lucifer smiled indulgently. “Don’t get your dress dirty. You know Mommy hates it when you dirty your pretty dresses.” 

Lilith watched adoringly as their daughter scampered off to find a non-burning body. “Evil burns bright in our girl. Her powers are strong, Lucifer. She will be magnificent as she grows.” 

“I know. I can sense what is in her. Even greater than that is what I sense in the son you carry.” He caressed the curve of her stomach. “He yearns to tear his way from your body and roar into life. He’s going to devour this entire world, my love. When we’re done here, we’ll storm the gates of Heaven and rip God from His throne. I’ll tear the Grace from every Angel in Heaven and take the Streets of Gold for myself. Every soul there will know my wrath.” 

Lilith purred and pressed her body against his. “We’ll rule it together, won’t we? We’ll make everyone worship at our feet. Our son will siphon the powers of God and we will rule the universe with an iron fist.”