So I completely forgot about this until I saw Adrian and Amy both post links to theirs on FB. The proverbial lightbulb went off and I rushed over here to post.

Last week, I asked you guys if you would prefer to see a scene between Amaya and Deacon or a scene with the antagonists of Lilith and Lucifer. I didn’t get too much feedback, but the general consensus is that you want Amaya and Deacon, so that it what you shall get this week. I am going to give you Lilith next week, partly because I love her in all of her evil bitchiness, partly because I know Amy loves her, and partly because I think it’s a really interesting scene.

Deacon stood on the deck, wearing a pair of sweatpants with his chest bare. Beneath his bare feet was a thick blue mat and he stood in the center of it, his eyes closed and his face an expression of concentration.  

Amaya stood and watched as he moved in deliberate, graceful movements, his body stretching and flexing. She recognized the motions as tai chi, a martial arts technique that focused on the relationship between body and mind.  

A thin sheen of sweat shined on his chest and shoulders and his hair hung slightly long, just brushing over the nape of his neck and hanging down to tease his cheekbones. Amaya pressed her hand to her throat and devoured the sight of him, taking in every inch. 

Deacon’s wings were visible on his body at all times in the form of two tattoos that ran down either side of his spine from shoulder to hip, curling down the sides of his body and disappearing into the waistband of his pants. As he turned, she was given a perfect view of the muscles in his butt as he flexed and bent.  

Feeling like a voyeur, Amaya considered announcing her presence, but couldn’t quite bring herself to do so. She raked her eyes over his broad shoulders, taking in the strong planes of his chest, the hard muscles of his stomach and the narrowing of his hips. She studied his hands, the wide palms, scarred knuckles and long fingers and remembered how they had felt anchoring her body to his.  

Lifting her gaze to his face, she drifted over the dramatic slash of his cheekbones, his full mouth, strong jaw and straight eyebrows. She knew the exact shade of his eyes, even though they were closed. A cold, icy blue that bore straight into her and made her feel like he could see straight into her soul. 

“Are you planning to stand there and watch me all morning or are you eventually going to say something?” 

Embarrassment flooded Amaya when Deacon spoke. Her face flushed red and her heart tripped in her chest, slamming against her ribs hard enough that it hurt. She cleared her throat and desperately tried to think of something that made what she had been doing seem even slightly less creepy. Unable to think of anything, she took a deep breath. 

“I’m sorry.” 

Deacon picked up a towel and wiped it over his face and chest to remove the sweat from his skin. He turned to face her, his gaze intense as he took in her windblown hair, panicked look, and baggy sweats.  

“No problem. We’ll just get this out of the way now instead of later then.” 

Amaya cocked her head to the side, preparing to question him. Before she could form the words, he strode across the deck and grabbed her, crushing her against him and lifting her off her feet. She had time to suck in one breath before his mouth clamped onto hers. 

The kiss was demanding. He plundered and dominated from the very beginning, pressing her against the banister and streaking his hands over her body, gripping her hips and jerking them into his. Amaya’s fingers bit into his arms as she struggled to keep up with the storm of emotion he had unleashed within her. 


Woohoo, now that we can all go take our cold showers…..here’s my WIPpet math that I didn’t do until AFTER I posted this to see how creative I needed to get. It’s 8-27-14. There are 31 lines. Hmm, how to do this…..8+2+7=17 17+14=31. There! Ha! WIPpet math at it’s finest!

If you’re new to WIPpets, it’s a once weekly post of a current work in progress and the only rule is that it has to have some association with the date(you can see how loosely that can be). Once you’re done with your cold shower, go here and read all the other WIPpets.

Like it? Love it? Hate it? Sound off below and let me know what you thought. I love your feedback. And if you want to read my other WIPpets from before the migration to wordpress, go to sirenanrobinson.blogspot.com and you can find them there. Apparently my link last week didn’t work. I have no idea why, since the text in the link is correct, but I tried it and you’re right, it doesn’t work, so there’s the direct url.

Come back next week for some Lilith action!


WIPpet Wednesday

Welcome to Wednesday! Everyone is probably noticing that things look a little different around here. In case you missed it, I made the jump to wordpress, so hopefully you all like the look of the new page. I’m still getting used to things, but so far I think I like it.

Now, since it’s Wednesday, you’re getting a WIPpet. What’s a WIPpet, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you! It’s a snippet of a Work In Progress. The one and only rule is that the amount you post has to have something–anything–to do with the date. Today is 8-20-2014. Don’t worry about being too technical with it, our WIPpet math gets pretty creative at times.

So, I’ve been having some difficulty getting Nephil’s Destiny to move. Until last week. Now it’s cooking. I actually wrote the scene I’m going to post here last Wednesday, so I’ve known what I was going to post for a long time. For next week, I have two scenes in mind, and since I can’t choose, I’ll let you guys vote. One is an Amaya/Deacon scene, and one is showing the antagonist in this story with a Lilith/Lucifer scene, so sound off in the comments which you would prefer to get. Neither will be overly spoiler-y.

Now, since I’m just switching to wordpress, if you want to read my previous WIPpets from Nephil’s Destiny, or the other books in the series(this is the 7th), you can find them here. If you want to join us and post your own WIPpet, or read all the other lovely WIPs, go here. Don’t forget, once you’ve read their wonderful offerings, leave your thoughts in the comments. We’re all starving artists that live on feedback. And if you’re a fellow poster, the more you give, the more you get.

Without further ado, your excerpt. Well, my WIPpet math first. 8-20-2014, you’re getting: 8+14=22. 22 lines from the very beginning of Chapter 6. And before you ask, I did all the research, my geography is accurate and I’m using real history. I love research!


Chapter 6  

“I have determined that the entrance to the Garden of Eden is somewhere in the Sinai Peninsula. I believe it can be accessed by crossing the Gulf of Aqaba.” Michael pointed to an area west of Egypt on the map. Before he spoke again, he shifted his finger up half an inch to point to an area inside the peninsula. “Here, in the center of the southern tip, is Saint Catherine’s. It’s the oldest monastery in the world, and one of the only ones still standing. In all of human history, this monastery has never been destroyed.” 

Deacon lifted his eyebrows. “Cambion specifically targeted the monasteries. How did this one escape their notice?” 

“It didn’t. They tried to siege against it and failed. Saint Catherine’s is the place where Moses took his audience with God. It is also the location of Mount Sinai.” 

Amaya snapped her fingers. “The burning bush? That was true?” 

Michael snickered. “All the things you have seen and yet you doubt the downright pedestrian. Child, most of the stories in the Bible are true in one way or another. Some happened, some didn’t, others I have no idea whether or not they did. I’ve told you before that I have no inclination to read all the versions of that blasted book your kind insists on putting out, but certain things bear weight, even with the Angels, and the relationship between God and Moses is one of them. Moses was chosen to speak for God to the human race and you, Amaya, have been chosen to save them. It’s a very fitting parallel that you should find your answers in the same place that he did.” 

“Are you saying that I’m going to go to this place and have a chat with a flaming shrub?” She looked at him skeptically. “Come on, Michael, there are limits to what I’ll believe and that’s pushing it.” 

Michael looked amused. “Is it less likely than having a chat with a man who sprouts wings out of his back? Or talking to someone in their mind instead of with words? Perhaps you weren’t there when we traveled to Purgatory. Did you miss the tale of when Greer and I battled in Hell or when the six traveled back in time to Atlantis? This world is full of unbelievable things. God appearing to a human in a way that he could understand is the least of them all.” 

Deacon laughed. “Point, set, and match.”

New Website and Updates

Well, I finally did it. I finally made the jump from Blogger to WordPress. I’m still figuring out the ins and outs, but hopefully this ends up being easier to maneuver and to deal with than my old site. Everything is still rudimentary, but we’ll get there.

With a new site, I thought I’d take the opportunity to bring everyone up to date on the things that have been going on with me. For anyone who has been following my old page, which for reference is sirenanrobinson.blogspot.com(I have a lot of excerpts of my work over there that I may or may not port here. I haven’t decided yet), you know that for the last few months, I haven’t been posting a lot. Until three or four weeks ago, I hadn’t posted anything in months.

Without getting into too many details, I made the difficult decision to leave my publisher in May of this year. We were having some insurmountable creative differences and I was completely unsatisfied with the way my work was being handled. I had been very vocal about the issues I was having with them for several months beforehand and when nothing improved, I made the decision to sever ties and find a different publisher. For any of you who happen to be publishers, take note: pushing back a release date four separate times and then surprising an author with publishing her book is NOT a good surprise. There’s this little thing called marketing and we like a chance to do it. I was very unhappy to be presented with the buy link instead of a publication date, and that’s just one of several things, the rest of which I won’t get into publicly.

Luckily enough, I happen to have a very good friend who is also my wonderful beta reader, Adrian J Smith(check her out at adrianjsmith.wordpress.com) and she helped me get in contact with her publisher, Supposed Crimes. Unfortunately, it was a risk for both of us because SC is a LGBTQ press and, well, that’s not what I write. Thankfully, they were willing to take a chance on me anyway, and I signed with them in July. I can say after six weeks that the experience isn’t even comparable. My opinions are valued and I feel like my work is appreciated and I’m being treated like part of a team instead of an annoyance. It’s been a complete 180!

While I was going through everything with my prior publisher, I didn’t even feel like writing. It was a struggle to figure out where to take the story and whether or not it was worth continuing. For me, a publisher is supposed to be someone who believes in your work and who is as passionate about it as you are–or as close to that as it can be. That’s why I pursued a small press instead of a large publishing house. Before SC, I discovered that no one other than my assigned editor at the publishing house I was with had even read the book. How can you be passionate about something you haven’t read? How can you market and push a book you know nothing about?

Long story short, I feel completely at peace with my decision to switch and I am blessed to have found SC and a publisher willing to take a risk and expand their reach to work with me. And I can happily say that the first TWO books in my series have a release date of October 1st, with the third slotted for release on April 1, 2015. No surprise publications for this author this time around. So I’m back to writing at my normal pace, I’m planning another series for when I wrap this one up, and I’m determined to get back to blogging.

Welcome to my new site. I hope this is the first post of many.