Release Day and WIPpet Wednesday!

Well. Hello, October! Do you all know what this means?! That’s right! It’s my RELEASE DAY! The re-release of Devil’s Dilemma and the first release of Devil’s Despair are out TODAY! I don’t even care if this is a shameless plug, I am so excited, I’m putting the links to the Amazon pages here so you can all see them. For my fellow WIPpeteers, though, if you want to read the books, I’m happy to gift you an e-book in exchange for a review. I’m not trying to coerce you into buying the books, so please don’t take the links that way.

Now that I’ve done my happy dance, let’s get to the WIPpet. The books releasing are the first two in the series and my current WIP is the 7th and presumably last. Unfortunately, I’m running out of stuff I can give you without getting too spoiler-y, so in honor of my release today, I’m going to give you a peek back at Devil’s Dilemma and where it all began. I’ll have you back into Nephil’s Destruction next week, but because it’s my release day, I want to go back to the beginning and one of my favorite scenes from the very first book. Since it’s the 10th month, you get 10 paragraphs.

Griffin spent most mornings looking out the window, searching the woods for any sign of life. A bird, a snake, anything that would tell her that her instincts were wrong. Every morning, there was nothing. So after a while, she would resign herself to yet another day of being afraid, and go downstairs to eat. At least she was keeping food down since Gabriel had given her a reprieve from the wasting away. She’d managed to put on a few pounds, filling out her gaunt frame slightly.  

It was snowing. Big flakes falling from the sky, piling on top of one another, coating the ground and the road and covering the cars. The snow was coming down so thickly now that it was almost impossible to see.  

Griffin had always loved the snow and could vaguely remember sitting on her grandmother’s lap, watching the flakes drift down, amped with excitement that she would get to go outside with her grandfather and play in it as soon as he got home. Even throughout her time in foster care, she’d always loved the first snowfall. 

Mind made up, she left the window and crossed the room, her clothes hitting the floor. She pulled on jeans instead of her sweat pants and donned a thick grey sweater and wool socks. She hopped on one foot to tug on her boot before switching and yanking on the other. Rifling through her closet, she realized she didn’t have a coat, then saw Braxton’s hanging up by the door. Feeling more relaxed than she had in months, she grabbed the coat and dashed down the stairs, swinging around to hurry through the kitchen and out the back door. 

The cold air was fresh and crisp on her face, and she curled her toes inside her boots, enjoying the feel. She tipped her head back and let the snowflakes settle on her skin, melting from her body heat. After a moment of enjoying the snow, she spread her arms out and fell backward.  

The impact jarred her, but the snow cushioned the fall. Feeling like a child, she moved her arms and legs, reveling in the simple joy of making a snow angel. When she’d sufficiently cleared the snow around her, she simply lay there, staring up at the dreary gray sky, watching the snow drift down. She let the tears take her. 


“How long has she been out there?” 

Alaria looked over her shoulder at Braxton. “Only about fifteen minutes. I’ve been keeping an eye on her.” 

“She’s making snow angels.” 

“Brilliant deduction, Sherlock.” Alaria laughed. “There’s no harm in her playing in the snow for a while. This might be her last chance to do it.”



  1. I was swept away in this scene and could almost feel her excitement and pleasure in the snow. I love the mystery, and the anticipation of discovery. Thanks for sharing this with us and congratulations on your releases 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading them.


  2. Great excerpt Sirena. You set the scene perfectly and bring it vividly to life. Congrats on your new releases. I would be happy to read the first one in exchange for a review. Let me know if you’re interested. 🙂


  3. I love this scene too. With more context, it’s such a bittersweet scene.


    • Amy

      I was thinking that too.


  4. Amy

    I love this scene, and I forever love Alaria. From my perspective of having seen her develop since this part, it fascinates me.


  5. Yay, new release!! Congratulations! Did you email me about featuring it on my blog? I’ve been so frazzled lately I may not have seen it if you did. Anyhow, my email’s xuwriter at if you want to send me info for a post.

    Ooh – love the snow angels and the details about the cold and the tears are a bit bittersweet, poor love. Wow, the 7th book! You’re prolific!


  6. I REALLY like this. I love the first snow too, it’s so peaceful. And there’s a total hint of something to come, even before we get to the end dialog. Good job!


  7. Congratulations on the releases! 😀

    This excerpt was so well written, I got completely swept up in it!


  8. Congrats on the new release and the re-release! Good luck!

    Great scene here, with a wonderful feel for character. The snow angels are wonderful.


  9. kathils

    Congrats on the releases! *happy dance, confetti, flying monkeys*

    Boy, that last line…you really know how to kill a mood. I love doing the same thing with a fresh snowfall. It brings out the kid in me. So this scene really tugs at many memories and associated feelings/smells/etc.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Congrats on your releases!!!!!! Yeeeeee-haaaaw!!

    I agree with Kathy that this scene brought all my childhood memories to the surface. I haven’t done a snow angel in years. It made me wish for snow to be outside right now so I could go and make one. When you evoke the senses like you have, it’s a very powerful read. Mmm…. I want to see snow….

    *presses hands over mouth and squeaks* One teensy little thing because of recent facebook comments. I had to smile, because…. THAT. I saw it!!! I’m not the only one!!!!


  11. I love this. It has me remembering eating icicles that were sticking to my green yarn mittens, and how they smelled musty when we put them on the floor register to dry…

    Bad things may be coming, but this moment is a treasure in their midst.

    I’m going to hang onto that.


  12. Roots it’s a great except! One of my favorites so far. 🙂


    • Ack! Sorry. I didn’t notice my swipe writing went funky on me. THIS is a great except.


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