I’m on time this week! Yay! For some housecleaning bits, I am still looking for reviewers for both Devil’s Dilemma and Devil’s Despair. I got two offers, and I’ll be contacting you this week about what format you want the e-book in. If you’re interested, please let me know and I’ll get you an e-book out.

For today’s WIPpet, I’m going to frame it a bit since I don’t post continuous excerpts like some of the rest of you(I’m evil like that). Amaya has been hurt in a fight and they’ve arrived at Saint Catherine’s, though she is in less than good shape. Contextually, this is actually set before last week’s WIPpet, but, well, I haven’t actually gotten that far since last week and I don’t have much to give you, so I’m forced to look back in the book for something. This is a funny little scene I think you’ll all like. Math is simple today. 17 lines for the 17th.

Amaya dropped her spoon into her bowl, waiting until Harry disappeared before she spoke. “We need to be moving as soon as possible. I don’t give a flying fuck about their rituals. They need to tell us where the damn door is now.” 

Deacon nodded slowly. “I thought we’d be leaving as soon as we got here, too. Do you have a plan?” He lifted his eyebrows. “And was the reasonable Amaya you just showed Harry all for show? All the talk about letting the monks do their prayers and rituals and letting yourself heal?” 

“I’m fine. I can walk. We can leave today if they’ll spill the beans?” 

“Really? You feel up to it?” 

She nodded. “Definitely. Absolutely. Without a doubt.” 

Deacon sighed. “I was hoping you wouldn’t make me do this.” He reached out and jabbed his index finger into her incision. 

Tears sprang into Amaya’s eyes and she bit down onto her tongue, trying desperately not to scream. She pressed her palm to her thigh and rocked back and forth, mumbling under her breath. For a moment, her power surged out of control and a blast rocketed out from her, shattering all the light-bulbs in the cafeteria.  

“What the fuck, Deacon?” She glared at him, her eyes flashing with fury. 

He looked at her calmly and picked up her bowl of oatmeal, moving it onto his own tray. “I was proving a point. You’re not ready. You won’t be ready for a while. We need to take the time for you to heal before we do whatever it is we need to do. There’s no harm in taking the time. It’s not like we’re on a timeline.” 

She waved her arm. “What do you expect us to do here do a week? Or more! Nap? Tan?”

Want to join in our crazy fun? Go here and post your own WIPpet. All you need is a story and a blog to participate. Once you’re done reading mine, don’t forget to visit all the other WIPpets and give them some love. We’re authors. We thrive on feedback.



  1. Great excerpt Sirena. I liked the tension between the two characters and how Deacon takes Amaya by surprise. I almost felt that. Ouch!

    One thing I noticed: it didn’t quite make sense to me at the end where it reads: “What do you expect us to do here do a week?”
    Should there be a comma before the second ‘do’ or another word?

    Otherwise it reads really well. 🙂


    • Yes. It *should* read “What do you expect us to do here FOR a week”


  2. Amy

    I love their interactions. That jab sounded excruciating! I like how it made her power surge.

    I can do reviews, but I don’t think I’ll need a copy unless you changed a whole lot. 🙂


  3. Wow, nap and tan for a week? Ok! Yes please!! 🙂


  4. Ha! I think this is my favorite yet. 🙂 I love the “I’m sure” -> oh flippin’ frog feet that’s painful! Hilarious!

    in “We can leave today if they’ll spill the beans?” Did you mean that to be a question or statement?


    • It’s supposed to be a statement. Nice catch. Thanks!


  5. Yikes! Deacon takes ‘proving a point’ to a whole new level. And Amaya – she would have to be a lousy, impatient patient. With bad manners and a penchant for cafeteria destruction!


  6. Nicely done 🙂 I could feel her impatience, which balanced nicely against his tolerance to the situation. It made the scene electric and the tension stand out from the page (or in this case screen!). I enjoyed it.


  7. Great interactions between the two of them! Looks like she’s not going to be going anywhere for a while …


  8. kathils

    I love it. She’s so stubborn. Yeah, absolutely, positively, without a freaking doubt I’m fine now stop asking and let’s get on with it! Hee, hee. But ouch! did he really have to prove his point so painfully. Brat.


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