WIPpet Wednesday!

Good afternoon! Thanks to everyone for all the support last week. I needed it. This week has settled down and I’m not working as much overtime, thank God. My parents will be back from California tonight, so I get to stop taking care of all their stuff now, which is another huge load off and now I might actually get some writing done. Whew. Just in time for NaNo.

So, since I got such great feedback on the scene with Abalam and Lux last week, I decided to give you another peek into the two of them this week. Next week I think I’ll bounce back to Amaya and Deacon so we can see what they’re up to, but this week is another little bit of what poor Lux is going through. I’m starting to run out of things I can show you that aren’t too spoiler-y, so this may be the last longer excerpt you get for a while, but we’ll see. I might come up with something. I’m also making a conscious decision to give you the LAST bit of writing I’ve done in an attempt to get myself moving again, so we’ll see if that works.

Without further ado, your torture. You get 12 lines. 22 for the day – 10 for the month = 12

Lux spat blood and jerked as the scalpel dug deeply into her flesh. Blood ran down her arm and dripped off her fingertips, the sound of the droplets on the concrete floor echoing loudly through the room. She gritted her teeth and concentrated on not screaming as Abalam methodically severed her skin from her body. 

“You’re a tough little witch, I’ll give you that.” Abalam tossed the strip of skin onto a tray with a wet plop and leaned back, picking up a towel to wipe the blood from his hands. “We’ve been at this for a couple days now. I’m sure you’re quite tired. I’m getting fatigued myself.” 

Lux took a deep breath, the air catching in her chest as she tried to expel. She coughed, gagged, nearly puked and heaved before managing to speak. “Poor baby. Do you need a nap?” 

 Abalam studied her closely, clucking his tongue. “You’re so defiant. Even now, after all this, I can see that look in your eye. If you could just get to me. If I’d just give you your powers back. If only it was a fair fight. Sorry, sweetheart, I’m a Devil. I don’t fight fair.” He leaned forward and released the straps holding her to the chair. “Let me be clear. This is just the first chapter. We’ve still got a whole book to write and I can make you scream and writhe from pain in ways you’ve never even imagined. The next bout when I come back is going to be with the drill. You’re going to find out precisely how easily those bones break when I apply pinpoint pressure with a drill bit.”


Ooh. Lux is in quite the pickle. Let’s hope she has a plan! Well, she has a plan, but whether or not it works remains to be seen.

After you’re done commenting and telling me what you thought, head here to read all the other contributions for the week and give my fellow WIPpeteers some love. If you want to join us, all you need is a blog and a work in progress. We’d love to have you!



  1. Fluuuuugh. So cringe-inducing. So well done.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. *sympathetic squirm* Eeeeeyuck. Lux, darling, you’re a new kind of crazy setting yourself up for all that. Ouch ouch ouch ouch.


  3. Amy

    *shudder* How awful for Lux, but I’m glad she’s staying strong. I’m betting she’s still got some tricks up her sleeve.


  4. kathils

    Holy crap! And people said my torture scenes were gruesome. I bow to superior blood-letting.


    • I don’t think I’ve gotten to read any of your torture scenes as yet, so I’m not looking forward to that. I’m not sure what is says about me that these scenes tend to be some of my strongest, but there you have it. I also have a blood thirsty beta who is always after me to push the boundaries further with these types of scenes, so it’s kind of a challenge at this point to make her squirm. So far, I have not accomplished that particular goal. *sigh*

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow. Gruesome. I love it!

    Lux is actually insane though!


  6. Oh please let Lux’s plan work! Abalam is a nasty b*****d and I’d love to see her get shot of him!

    Anyway, gruesome scene but well written. Too well written – I almost felt that!! 😉


  7. No, kidding, gruesome — wow! I think this is plenty squirm-inducing for most readers. Maybe you need a different beta. 🙂


  8. I love these torture scenes. They might be my favorite scenes of the series.


  9. I’d be mad at you for putting Lux through this, if it didn’t show her incredible strength. Seriously…she is amazing. Like a soldier, trained to withstand any form of torture – it’s compelling. It might be gruesome, but when you have her voice in your head, you almost want to say ‘bring it on!’ Great snippet.


  10. So wouldn’t want to be Lux right now. However, she’s definitely a BAMF for keeping her fighting spirit. 🙂


  11. Oh, yikes! Definitely making me squirm! And also a little bit jealous, because there are times when my writing could probably benefit from descriptions like that, and I don’t really follow it through that well.


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