Guess who forgot about Wednesday? Like, completely forgot not just about the WIPpet, but about the entire day of Wednesday? That’s right, this girl. Having Monday off through off my whole week and I’m a day behind. So I’m posting on Thursday this week.

Before I get to the WIPpet though, I have some exciting bits of news. My novels, Devil’s Dilemma, and Devil’s Despair are coming out on October 1st, 2014. Less than a month! Happy dance! I just approved the covers, so I’m going to do a mini-cover-reveal here this morning because I’m so excited!


So, what do you all think? For reference, the snippets you’re reading are from Book Seven, Nephil’s Destiny, and these are books 1, and 2, so same series.

Here’s where I ask for a favor. Given that I have a release coming up, if anyone would be interested in doing a review for me, I would be deeply appreciative, and willing to do a review in exchange, host you on my blog, etc, etc. So, if anyone is interested, please let me know.

Now, onto the WIPpet. As promised, this week you’re getting a scene with the antagonists Lilith and Lucifer(yes, Satan). Math is simple this week. You get 9 paragraphs.


Lucifer stood at the top of the cliff, the wind blowing through his hair and his hands on his hips. Behind him, bodies were scattered on the ground and demons lit them on fire. The smell of roasting flesh filled the air, wafting to his nose on the brisk breeze. Inhaling it, he held the scent of death within his chest and savored it, his mouth watering. 

Lilith approached him, her hands resting on the mound of her bulging stomach and Serafina next to her. He glanced back at them and swallowed a smile at the sight of his family. Each time he looked at the child it seemed she was taller. Every glance to Lilith and her stomach was more swollen with pregnancy, her skin glowing slightly brighter as she reveled in what was happening within her body. 

“It was a good victory here today.” Lilith surveyed the burning bodies. “Many Nephilim died.” 

“As did many Cambion. We lost a hundred demons on top of it. The victory came at a steep price.” He smiled as his daughter hugged him. “There’s Daddy’s princess. Do you like what you see, my darkling?” 

Serafina grinned up at him, her teeth bared. “I love it, Papa. Can I go play with the bodies?” She bounced up and down, rocking from side to side to swirl her skirt so it flared away from her legs. “I want to cut them open and play with the insides.” 

Lucifer smiled indulgently. “Don’t get your dress dirty. You know Mommy hates it when you dirty your pretty dresses.” 

Lilith watched adoringly as their daughter scampered off to find a non-burning body. “Evil burns bright in our girl. Her powers are strong, Lucifer. She will be magnificent as she grows.” 

“I know. I can sense what is in her. Even greater than that is what I sense in the son you carry.” He caressed the curve of her stomach. “He yearns to tear his way from your body and roar into life. He’s going to devour this entire world, my love. When we’re done here, we’ll storm the gates of Heaven and rip God from His throne. I’ll tear the Grace from every Angel in Heaven and take the Streets of Gold for myself. Every soul there will know my wrath.” 

Lilith purred and pressed her body against his. “We’ll rule it together, won’t we? We’ll make everyone worship at our feet. Our son will siphon the powers of God and we will rule the universe with an iron fist.”



  1. The twisted spin on family bliss reminds me of the Addams Family. 🙂 Only, with a much sharper edge.


  2. kathils

    I agree…Addams Family on…well, something. Wow. Gorey and fascinating all rolled into one. Quite the child they’re raising. Wonder what family picnics are like. NOT. 😉

    I wish I could offer to read/review for you but I’m starting a busy streak that won’t let up until mid November. I shudder every time I look at the calendar.


  3. What gorgeous book covers! I’m too overscheduled for a review, alas. I’d be happy to announce your books’ publications on my blog, though. Let me know what you think.

    Deliciously creepy excerpt! Whoa – “can I go play with the bodies?” YIKES. Now that’s an evil little thing for ya! Nice work!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh, wow, this was very sinister and creepy. What a family!

    *sticks up hand* I’d be happy to do a review for you.


  5. I’ve got one review slated for the end of the month already, but, if you don’t need it until a few weeks after your release, I may be able to help.

    I love this family dynamic. Serafina reminds me of my own daughter (well, without the evil bit!), who wanted intestines for her third birthday!

    Nice snippet! Worth waiting for!


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