WIPpet Wednesday

Welcome to Wednesday! Everyone is probably noticing that things look a little different around here. In case you missed it, I made the jump to wordpress, so hopefully you all like the look of the new page. I’m still getting used to things, but so far I think I like it.

Now, since it’s Wednesday, you’re getting a WIPpet. What’s a WIPpet, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you! It’s a snippet of a Work In Progress. The one and only rule is that the amount you post has to have something–anything–to do with the date. Today is 8-20-2014. Don’t worry about being too technical with it, our WIPpet math gets pretty creative at times.

So, I’ve been having some difficulty getting Nephil’s Destiny to move. Until last week. Now it’s cooking. I actually wrote the scene I’m going to post here last Wednesday, so I’ve known what I was going to post for a long time. For next week, I have two scenes in mind, and since I can’t choose, I’ll let you guys vote. One is an Amaya/Deacon scene, and one is showing the antagonist in this story with a Lilith/Lucifer scene, so sound off in the comments which you would prefer to get. Neither will be overly spoiler-y.

Now, since I’m just switching to wordpress, if you want to read my previous WIPpets from Nephil’s Destiny, or the other books in the series(this is the 7th), you can find them here. If you want to join us and post your own WIPpet, or read all the other lovely WIPs, go here. Don’t forget, once you’ve read their wonderful offerings, leave your thoughts in the comments. We’re all starving artists that live on feedback. And if you’re a fellow poster, the more you give, the more you get.

Without further ado, your excerpt. Well, my WIPpet math first. 8-20-2014, you’re getting: 8+14=22. 22 lines from the very beginning of Chapter 6. And before you ask, I did all the research, my geography is accurate and I’m using real history. I love research!


Chapter 6  

“I have determined that the entrance to the Garden of Eden is somewhere in the Sinai Peninsula. I believe it can be accessed by crossing the Gulf of Aqaba.” Michael pointed to an area west of Egypt on the map. Before he spoke again, he shifted his finger up half an inch to point to an area inside the peninsula. “Here, in the center of the southern tip, is Saint Catherine’s. It’s the oldest monastery in the world, and one of the only ones still standing. In all of human history, this monastery has never been destroyed.” 

Deacon lifted his eyebrows. “Cambion specifically targeted the monasteries. How did this one escape their notice?” 

“It didn’t. They tried to siege against it and failed. Saint Catherine’s is the place where Moses took his audience with God. It is also the location of Mount Sinai.” 

Amaya snapped her fingers. “The burning bush? That was true?” 

Michael snickered. “All the things you have seen and yet you doubt the downright pedestrian. Child, most of the stories in the Bible are true in one way or another. Some happened, some didn’t, others I have no idea whether or not they did. I’ve told you before that I have no inclination to read all the versions of that blasted book your kind insists on putting out, but certain things bear weight, even with the Angels, and the relationship between God and Moses is one of them. Moses was chosen to speak for God to the human race and you, Amaya, have been chosen to save them. It’s a very fitting parallel that you should find your answers in the same place that he did.” 

“Are you saying that I’m going to go to this place and have a chat with a flaming shrub?” She looked at him skeptically. “Come on, Michael, there are limits to what I’ll believe and that’s pushing it.” 

Michael looked amused. “Is it less likely than having a chat with a man who sprouts wings out of his back? Or talking to someone in their mind instead of with words? Perhaps you weren’t there when we traveled to Purgatory. Did you miss the tale of when Greer and I battled in Hell or when the six traveled back in time to Atlantis? This world is full of unbelievable things. God appearing to a human in a way that he could understand is the least of them all.” 

Deacon laughed. “Point, set, and match.”



  1. Amy

    Oh, I love this! Michael has definitely grown on me over time.

    It seems like the amount of research this series has required is intense because of all the places where you draw on mythology and such. That’s a lot of work! I agree, though. I love research. But I keep saying I hope the NSA never gets hold of my Google searches. LOL!


  2. Ooh I’m intrigued. This is my first visit to your blog (new or old) BTW and I like it! As a Christian I know a little bit about the Bible and so it’s interesting to read something that takes the idea of what happened/said to have happened and turns it into a whole, new, exciting story. I’m keen to find out where the conversation heads. 🙂


  3. You have a pretty important typo: the monastery is east of Egypt, not west. I’ve been there. 🙂 : http://www.pinterest.com/pin/514677063636489799/

    Otherwise, love the historical background! I’m a sucker for research myself.


  4. Yay for WordPress! 🙂

    Love Deacon’s dry wit, and Michael’s expository info is quite interesting, which is not always the case.

    As far as next week’s scene…I vote for Amaya/Deacon. I like Deacon more each week!


  5. This is fascinating! The whole bit about St. Catherine’s makes me want to read more! Michael was especially fun to read. Fantastic.

    Welcome to WordPress! It takes getting used to, but it’s worth it!


  6. The blog looks nice. 🙂

    This is my favorite line: “This world is full of unbelievable things. God appearing to a human in a way that he could understand is the least of them all.” 🙂


  7. I love how you delve into history and give a sense of “where it all came from” via your characters, Sirena.

    BTW, welcome to WordPress! I used to have a Blogspot blog too, but… once I got used to its quirks, I’ve found I loved the control WordPress gave me (though the “Powers that Be” sometime mess that up too… as I’m sure you’ve heard a bunch of us complaining about). What made you choose to change?

    Oh, and as a smallish note… you need to edit the link to your old blog. At the moment it’s trying to connect to a page on WordPress with your Blogspot addy as its name….


  8. “There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosopy.” -Hamlet.

    I love this passage. It’s got conflict, doubt, humor, and a mission…

    I’d love to see both of those WIPpets, please. As for the order, dealer’s choice!


  9. Congrats on making the shift to word press . . . I’m still wondering if I should since blogger now allows us to add pages. I’d love to know what pushed you here to WP. Re research, I found a very real sense of place in this snippet and am fascinated by the St. Catherine monastery as well. May the coming week go well for your writing!


    • One of the big things that pushed me to move is actually pretty little. When commenting on other people’s blogs, wordpress automatically comments with my account and blogger makes me log in each time. I tend to forget that, and had to re-type comments all the time. It was annoying.


  10. kathils

    I find commenting on blogger to be a frustrating endeavor. It seems some times it works, others it doesn’t. I’ve lost more comments than I can count that way. So, glad you’re on WordPress now. 🙂

    And I love this interplay. This is shaping up to be a very fascinating tale with a new spin on the Christian religion that looks intriguing.


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